Service Members & Veterans

As an Army brat, Navy spouse, and current Department of Defense civilian with a decade of experience providing direct service, program management, and policy development, I possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Armed Forces Service members and veterans. My personal and professional journey within military communities has equipped me with invaluable insights into their experiences, allowing me to provide tailored support that resonates with their needs. Moreover, my extensive training through reputable institutions such as the Center for Deployment Psychology, Veteran Affairs, Centers of Excellence, and various other programs further enhances my ability to address the complex issues affecting this population. With a profound commitment to serving those who have served our country, I am uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to Active Duty, Reservists, and Veterans.  

Military Children & Families

Drawing from my firsthand experiences as a military child, a military spouse, and my tenure within the Fleet & Family Readiness Programs, I possess a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics and challenges that military parents and children encounter, especially Navy families. Moreover, my professional background within the Family Advocacy Program has provided me with valuable insights into the specific stressors and support needs of military families and children.