Cultivating Capacity offers a range of comprehensive services designed to support individuals, families, couples and intimate partners, and small businesses and large organizations in their journey towards recovery, growth, connectedness, and transformative experiences. Click the hyperlinks below to learn more about each service in depth. 

My psychotherapy services are 100% online. I use a secure online portal to conduct all of my scheduling and calls. At this time, I only provide psychotherapy services for people residing in Washington State. 

Organizational trainings and consultations may be available in person; please contact me via email at for more information. 

Individual therapy offers a safe and confidential space for self-exploration, healing, and personal development. For some, this may be a few brief solution-focused sessions, or it may take the form of longer-term treatment. 

Family therapy focuses on fostering open communication, strengthening relationships, and resolving conflicts. Children and extended family are always welcome in family therapy sessions. 

Relationship counseling provides a supportive space for all manner of intimate partners to explore challenges, improve communication, deepen intimacy, and foster mutual growth toward a fulfilling and resilient partnership.

Healing from trauma requires specialized care and support. Through evidence-based techniques, you can expect a safe and nurturing space for trauma processing, resilience building, and post-traumatic growth. 

No matter the challenges you're facing, Cultivating Capacity is committed to guiding you towards transformation, connection, and growth. Take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling life by reaching out today.

If you prefer in-person services, I can provide you with a brief list of providers and organizations local to your community that may better suit your needs. I offer free consultations to help you determine what modality and format best suits your current needs.